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Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful Based Stillness Meditation -MBSM is a program developed and refined at the Gawler Centre now known as the Yarra Valley Living Centre aspects of which run in conjunction with many of their in house programs.

This program is a structured learning plan that over 8 weeks allows you to develop a home practice, while also creating a solid base for future exploration into other meditation practices

The program is built around 4 steps

  • Preparation
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness &
  • Stillness
During the training you will be introduced to 8 meditations, various discussion topics to support the understanding and implementation of the meditations as well as principles of grounding and establishing a personal protocol.
The benefits of regular meditation practice are becoming increasingly better understood with research  proving the benefits in many areas concerning health and well-being. The practice is based on learning to be present (or in the moment) it is here that we can set aside the pressures and worries of the day and gain clarity and control over aspects of our life, with some commitment and regular practice it is possible to completely transform our view of the world and benefit all aspects of ourselves.
Some of the known benefits are increased calmness, compassion, kindness,mental clarity, improved energy, improved rest including sleep, management of excessive thinking, being present for self and others, pain management, clarity the list is endless and all good.
Currently I am offering this program through the Macarthur Community College Liverpool NSW  Ph. 02 8080 2121  or check out the listing and class schedule on their website
Leanne is  currently developing a follow up program to build on the basics that are established within the MBSM